ChIP-Seq Peak Callers

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ChIP-Seq Workflow

  1. Read quality assessment, filtering and trimming
  2. Align reads to reference genome
  3. Compute read coverage across genome
  4. Peak calling with different methods and consensus peak identification
  5. Annotate peaks
  6. Differential binding analysis
  7. Gene set enrichment analysis
  8. Motif prediction to identify putative TF binding sites

Challenge Projects

1. Comparison of peak calling methods

  • Run workflow from start to finish (steps 1-8) on ChIP-Seq data set from Kaufman et al. (2010)
  • Challenge project tasks
    • Call peaks with at least 2-3 software tools, such as MACS2, slice coverage calling (Bioc), PeakSeq, F-Seq, Homer, ChIPseqR, or CSAR.
    • Compare the results with peaks identified by Kaufmann et al (2010)
    • Report unique and common peaks among three methods and plot the results as venn diagrams
    • Plot the performance of the peak callers in form of ROC plots. As true result set one can use the intersect of the peaks identified by all methods.

2. Comparison of peak calling methods

  • Similar as above but with different combination of peak calling methods and/or performance testing approach.


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