Deployment and Maintenance of this Site

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This page provides instructions how to create new deployment instances of this teaching site, and how to configure and customize it. It uses the Docsy theme of the Hugo framework for building content driven websites.

Quick start

  • Visit this template page
  • Click on the Use this Template button.
  • Choose a Repository Name
  • Click on the Create repository from template button.

Usage locally

  • Go to your new repository on GitHub
  • Click on the Code button.
  • Copy the URL<username>/<repository_name>.git
  • Open terminal and run the following commands.
  • Note: every time the repos is cloned from GitHub it is important to include the --recurse-submodules argument. This assures that required submodules will be cloned as well.
git clone --recurse-submodules --depth 1<username>/<repository_name>.git
cd <repository_name>
  • Run the website locally
hugo server
  • Run the website locally with blogdown

Prerequisites and Installation

Install nodejs

Download nodejs binary for 64 bit linux from here. Next, install it according the following instructions. Note, the version in all commands needs to match the downloaded one (here v16.14.2).

  1. Unzip the binary archive to any directory, where you wish to install nodejs. The following uses /usr/local/lib/nodejs.
sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/lib/nodejs                                                                                                                                                 
sudo tar -xJvf node-$VERSION-$DISTRO.tar.xz -C /usr/local/lib/nodejs
  1. Set the required environment variables by adding the following lines to your ~/.profile file.
# Nodejs
export PATH=/usr/local/lib/nodejs/node-$VERSION-$DISTRO/bin:$PATH
  1. Refresh ~/.profile and test versions
. ~/.profile
node -v
npm -v
  1. Make executables available to root when using sudo npm install.
sudo ln -s -f  /usr/local/lib/nodejs/node-v16.14.2-linux-x64/bin/node /usr/local/bin/node                                                                                           
sudo ln -s -f  /usr/local/lib/nodejs/node-v16.14.2-linux-x64/bin/npm /usr/local/bin/npm                                                                                             
sudo ln -s -f  /usr/local/lib/nodejs/node-v16.14.2-linux-x64/bin/npx /usr/local/bin/npx

Install blogdown and Hugo


# If anything wrong try develop version


You need a recent extended version (we recommend version 0.79.0 or later) of Hugo to do local builds and previews of sites that use Docsy.

It is recommended to install Hugo from R for working with blogdown

blogdown::install_hugo(extended = TRUE)

or from command-line from here

sudo dpkg -i hugo_extended_0.94.2_Linux-64bit.deb                                                                                                                                   
hugo version

For Windows and macOS please see instructions here.

Install PostCSS

To build or update your site’s CSS resources, you also need PostCSS to create the final assets. If you need to install it, you must have a recent version of NodeJS installed on your machine so you can use npm, the Node package manager. By default npm installs tools under the directory where you run npm install:

sudo npm install -D autoprefixer
sudo npm install -D postcss-cli
# Starting in version 8 of postcss-cli, you must also separately install postcss:

sudo npm install -D postcss

# go to your website directory
cd <repository_name>
npm audit fix

Run the website locally

with blogdown

  • Open R in console or Rstudio

This repo contains an .Rprofile file that will automatically serve the site for you R starting directory is this newly cloned repository. Otherwise, change working directory to the repository and run:


You should see a website is opened in your local browser or Rstudio viewer.

Run the website locally from terminal

hugo server


Color settings

The background color of the top menu bar can be changed under assets/scss/_variables_project.scss. One custom setting in this file is that the original $primary: #30638E; has been changed to $primary: #28498f;.

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