Authors: Thomas Girke, Danjuma Quarless, Tyler Backman, Kuan-Fu Ding, Jamison McCorrison, Nik Schork, Dan Evans

Last update: 11 October, 2016

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This vignette is part of the NIA funded Longevity Genomics project. For more information on this project please visit its website here. The GitHub repository of the corresponding R package is available here and the most recent version of this vignette can be found here.

The project component covered by this vignette analyzes drug- and age-related genome-wide expression data from public microarray and RNA-Seq experiments. One of the main objective is the identification drug candidates modulating the expression of longevity genes and pathways. For this, we compare age-related expression signatures with those from drug treamtments. The age-related query signatures are from recent publications such as Peters et al. (2015) and Sood et al. (2015), while the drug-related reference signatures are from the Connectivity Map (CMAP) and LINCS projects (Lamb et al., 2006).