Package install

To install an R package from GitHub, user want to open R in their favorite environemt (e.g. RStudio, ESS or VIM-R) and then execute the following commands (here for longevityTools) from the R console:

biocLite("tgirke/longevityTools", build_vignettes=FALSE)

Finding help

Subsequently, the vignettes of the installed package can be opened in an internet browser, from within RStudio or one can access them with this command:

vignette(topic="longevityTools", package="longevityTools")

Run workflows

Now, users want to follow the instructions given in the vignette (e.g. longevityTools vignette). To avoid typing and/or tedious copy&paste routines for executing code, users should load the corresponding source file (*.R or *.Rmd) into their R working environment and then make use of built-in code sending or sourcing functionalities. In addition, an entire workflow can be re-run with the following command or by pushing the built button in RStudio, while the content in the corresponding vignette will be updated in real time. This includes all its text, code, tables, images and all results written to files.

rmarkdown::render('longevityTools.Rmd'); Stangle("longevityTools.Rmd")