Authors: Thomas Girke, Tyler Backman, Dan Evans

Last update: 25 May, 2016

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This vignette is part of the NIA funded Longevity Genomics project. For more information on this project please visit its website here. The GitHub repository of the corresponding R package is available here and the most recent version of this vignette can be found here.

The data package longevityDrugs contains molecular structures and annotation information of longevity-associated drugs (LADs). An iterative process will be used to assemble, update and curate this data set long-term (Backman et al., 2011; Cao et al., 2008). Most small molecules will be identified by integrating several large-scale community data sources such as data from drug databases (e.g. Drugbank), bioassay databases (e.g. PubChem Bioassay, ChEMBL), literature, drug-related gene expression fingerprints (e.g. LINCS), genetic (e.g. GWAS) and phenotype resources. This will also include nearest neighbors of LADs sharing with them structural, physicochemical or biological properties.