This site describes the analysis tools used and developed by the Longevity Genomics project.

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The longevityTools site is part of the Longevity Genomics project that aims to advance longevity research by integrating data from a variety of genome-wide profiling studies. The site provides a technical descriptions of the individual project components in form of vignettes containing detailed analysis protocols along with well defined objectives, descriptions of findings and downloads of relevant results.

Collaboration and Open Access

To maximize shareability and reproducibility of the data analysis results generated by this project, most of its analysis routines will be implemented as R packages hosted on GitHub (e.g. longevityTools). At a later stage, suitable components will be contributed to the Bioconductor project. The main source of documentation for both users and developers are the vignettes and help files provided by the R packages (for an example see here). All analysis results can be fully reproduced by rerunning the commands given in the vignettes. Instead of regenerating result files from scratch, users can also download them via URLs provided in the corresponding sections of the vignettes or directly from the Downloads page of this site. While improving transparency for external users, the chosen analysis strategy greatly facilitates collaborations among the different teams and members of this project. Where appropriate, finalized summary results will be made accessible via web-based solutions in the future such as Shiny and ReportingTools.