Authors: Kevin Horan, Yiqun Cao, Tyler Backman, Thomas Girke

Last update: 06 March, 2016

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ChemmineR is a cheminformatics package for analyzing drug-like small molecule data in R. Its latest version contains functions for efficient processing of large numbers of small molecules, physicochemical/structural property predictions, structural similarity searching, classification and clustering of compound libraries with a wide spectrum of algorithms.

Figure: `ChemmineR` environment with its add-on packages and selected functionalities

In addition, ChemmineR offers visualization functions for compound clustering results and chemical structures. The integration of chemoinformatic tools with the R programming environment has many advantages, such as easy access to a wide spectrum of statistical methods, machine learning algorithms and graphic utilities. The first version of this package was published in Cao et al. (2008). Since then many additional utilities and add-on packages have been added to the environment (Figure 2) and many more are under development for future releases (T. W. H. Backman et al., 2011; Y. Wang et al., 2013).

Recently Added Features

  • Improved SMILES support via new SMIset object class and SMILES import/export functions

  • Integration of a subset of OpenBabel functionalities via new ChemmineOB add-on package (Y. Cao et al., 2008)

  • Streaming functionality for processing millions of molecules on a laptop

  • Mismatch tolerant maximum common substructure (MCS) search algorithm

  • Fast and memory efficient fingerprint search support using atom pair or PubChem fingerprints